RRAMAC Connected Systems will present on the benefits of cloud hosted SCADA at the SCADA Tech Summit on August 28 at 3:30pm. As a leading provider of turnkey remote monitoring and IoT based solutions, RRAMAC will share how cloud hosted SCADA systems can drastically reduce maintenance and support costs while streamlining the path to analytics, predictive maintenance, AI, and mobile device integrations.

A Cloud Hosted Alternative to Traditional SCADA

Remote Monitoring systems use a local edge node device to communicate with the local control system and push data securely to the cloud hosted server.  The server stores the data and provides custom web dashboards, email and text notifications, historical trends, custom reports, branded smart phone apps, and connectivity to other enterprise software systems.  The system is easy to set up and runs many similar tasks that a locally installed SCADA system would perform.

Of course there is still a need for local control. Most users would be reluctant to rely purely on a remote server in order to operate machines and equipment. However, pairing a remote monitoring system and hosted cloud server with local systems can have significant benefits. With most of the other SCADA tasks being covered by the cloud server, the local operator interface requirements can be addressed with dedicated touchscreen operator interface panels.  Operator interface panels are more reliable and easier to maintain than PCs. They also typically use an embedded operating system that boots in seconds and they are not susceptible to Windows viruses. If you move the data collection, storage, analysis, reporting, and mobile access functionality to a cloud solution, then you can run your plant with a local touchscreen IO.

This SCADA Tech Summit session by RRAMAC Connected Systems will cover:

  • How cloud hosting simplifies support and maintenance of SCADA systems
  • Preventing cyber-attacks and how to maintain data privacy
  • The best applications for cloud based systems
  • How cloud hosted SCADA can streamline the path to analytics and machine learning

ABOUT the SCADA Tech Summit

The SCADA Tech Summit is August 28-29 in Rosemount, Illinois. The event will bring together a cross-section of SCADA and ICS end-users and technology leaders to present educate and analyze the latest advances in the rapidly changing market of control and automation. Attendees of the event will leave with the knowledge to improve their systems to enable them to better monitor/control equipment, optimize value, and harness valuable data to optimize processes.

Register to attend and see the conference schedule on the SCADA Tech Summit website. To learn more about RRAMAC’s remote monitoring and IoT based solutions, contact us today.