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EdgeScout and Banner Engineering-Complete Solutions from the Sensor to the Cloud

Combining Banner Engineering’s smart sensors and wireless technology with EdgeScout’s industrial remote monitoring system provides complete solutions for:

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Productivity Solutions

Banner® DXM100 is an industrial wireless controller that interfaces with wired and wireless sensors for monitoring vibration, temperature, humidity, tank level, and more. The DXM100 collects data and pushes it securely to RRAMAC’s EdgeScout. The EdgeScout solution provides customers with custom web dashboards, historical trends, smartphone apps, text and email alerts, push notifications, and customer reports. The DXM100 sensor and EdgeScout monitoring is plug and play ready for quick and easy installation and set-up.

Sensor to the Cloud solutions from Banner Engineering and RRAMAC will allow industrial users to accurately manage equipment performance and make real-time decisions.

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