Reduce Operating Costs in Water and Wastewater Facilities with Cloud Hosted SCADA


Are you interested in replacing your traditional SCADA system with cloud hosted SCADA to improve operations at your facility? SCADA has been the defacto standard for running water and wastewater (W/WW) facilities for several decades, but the fact is that many municipal customers are not satisfied with their traditional SCADA systems. Traditional SCADA is expensive to install, difficult to maintain, and it fails to deliver on reducing operating costs and maintaining compliance.

Industrial Internet of Things

The IoT and engineering experts at RRAMAC have developed a webinar to help those in the W/WW industry weigh the benefits of replacing a traditional SCADA system with cloud hosted SCADA to alleviate operational challenges including cost, reliability, security, safety and more.

Watch the IoT Webinar to Learn:

  • Why cloud hosted SCADA is more reliable and more secure than traditional SCADA systems
  • How cloud hosted SCADA can eliminate the costs of IT troubleshooting and maintenance
  • How prescriptive analytics can safely reduce onsite chemical inventory
  • How predictive maintenance with pump modelling led to a $150,000.00 annual cost savings for a wastewater facility
Watch the Webinar!