remote monitoring in construction equipment

Remote monitoring of construction equipment reduces maintenance, service and internal costs. The ability to monitor heavy equipment, track and predict maintenance, protect yourself against unjust warrantee claims and streamline communication  between the OEM and end user all produce cost savings for those in the construction equipment industry.

Protect Against Unjust Warrantee Claims

Most heavy industrial equipment requires routine maintenance, but what happens when equipment breaks down within the warrantee period because the customer has not been performing maintenance tasks or is running equipment beyond its design limitations?  Remote monitoring and diagnostics can detect and record most maintenance tasks.  This not only protects the OEM against unjust warrantee claims, but also allows the OEM to sell extended warrantees with minimal financial risk.  The OEM and the end user can also receive email or text alerts when maintenance tasks are required.

Reduce Service Costs

Customers in the heavy equipment industry have also seen reduced service costs from monitoring their equipment.  With the EdgeScout by RRAMAC remote monitoring solution, customers receive email or text alerts when a problem occurs and have easy access to dashboards that display the current status, alarm history, and other information. In turn, calls to the OEMs service department are less frequent and resolved much faster because they have the same information as the end user at their fingertips.

Cost Effective Solutions

While many remote monitoring solutions are coupled with high subscription costs, annual fees, and additional expenses, EdgeScout is a fraction of the cost of other name brand solutions currently on the market. EdgeScout has a low monthly subscription fee and minimal development costs. In addition, there are no PCs to purchase, software to install or programming expertise required. ROI can be seen within the first year of implementation.

The remote monitoring and IoT experts at RRAMAC Connected Systems can help your construction equipment or heavy equipment company reduce costs. The process for getting started is seamless and requires very little time for your internal team. Let RRAMAC do the heavy lifting. To learn more, review the EdgeScout FAQs or contact us today.