Based on the success of their EdgeScout by RRAMAC remote monitoring solution that leverages the IoT, RRAMAC Connected Systems was recently invited to participate in the LiveWorx panel session, “Predictive Analytics & Industrial IoT for Manufacturing.” This session covered the benefits manufacturers can expect from implementing an Industrial IoT and how to leverage the resulting platform to achieve strategic business benefits.

Through the use of predictive analytics and predictive maintenance, manufacturers can improve equipment availability, resource optimization, and cost control. Tom Craven, VP of Product Strategy for RRAMAC Connected Systems, brought a unique perspective to the panel having worked with both large and small OEMs to achieve their smart manufacturing goals.

Craven’s segment of the presentation specifically spoke to the benefits of implementing a smart manufacturing model that leverages the Industrial IoT. The presentation covered the roadmap to leveraging smart manufacturing and Industrial IoT that begins with reactive and scheduled maintenance and climbs its way to AI and machine learning capabilities.

machine learning

EdgeScout by RRAMAC – the Remote Monitoring Solution that Leverages the IoT

The EdgeScout by RRAMAC Connected Systems model is a prime example of a remote monitoring solution that is scalable for AI and machine learning functions. Also covered within the panel session were the benefits of implementing a cloud-hosted architecture like EdgeScout versus an on premise architecture. These benefits include access to customized reporting and analytics at your fingertips, a remote monitoring app, secure remote access and more.

To learn more about the EdgeScout by RRAMAC remote monitoring solution, visit our FAQ page or contact us today.

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