RRAMAC Connected Systems, a provider of industrial remote monitoring solutions, is pleased to announce KOM Automation as a new distribution partner for RRAMAC’s EdgeScout remote monitoring system.

EdgeScout gives KOM RRAMAC’s full arsenal of web hosting services, data analytics capabilities, alarm notifications, and smart phone apps for remote equipment monitoring. Combined with KOM’s extensive line of hardware, customers now have access to the most advanced solutions in the industrial marketplace.

“KOM is solution focused,” said Tom Craven, RRAMAC’s VP of Product Strategy. “By adding EdgeScout’s hosting capabilities to KOM’s hardware products, KOM can provide customers actionable, real-time data. Customers will have perpetual access to data, enabling end-to-end solutions from the sensor to the cloud and down to their fingertips.”

KOM has over 50 years of experience with automation products including sensors, PLC’s, operator interface products, remote connections, and software. RRAMAC’s EdgeScout product will be available on complimentary KOM products, including, Secomea Sitemanager, Banner DXM100, Red Lion RAM 9000, GE QuickPanel, and Horner XL4.