RRAMAC Connected Systems, a provider of turnkey remote monitoring solutions that leverages the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with In-Position Technologies. This partnership will combine RRAMAC’s web hosting, data analytics, predictive maintenance, and mobile app capabilities with In-Position Technologies’ automation and robotics offerings to provide a complete IoT solution for the end-user.

“RRAMAC provides us with the tools to offer our clients customized remote access solutions that not only provides safe & secure 24/7 remote access to their equipment, but things like preventative maintenance, work scheduling, alerts, customized dashboards and just about anything imaginable from a cloud based SCADA system,” said Neil Jacques, President of In-Position Technologies. “RRAMAC provides highly cost effective turnkey solutions to the growing IoT needs of our customers. We are excited about our partnership because RRAMAC enables our customers to take part in IOT explosion.”

RRAMAC’s goal is to partner with automation suppliers that can help potential customers define and quantify the ROI that is available by leveraging the IoT for each customer’s unique applications.

“In-Position Technologies is a solution driven customer focused organization with in-depth knowledge of automation and robotics. They understand both the technical and commercial challenges that customers are facing – which makes them an ideal partner for RRAMAC,” said Tom Craven, Vice President of Product Strategy for RRAMAC Connected Systems. “Our objective in arming the In-Position sales team with IoT based monitoring and custom analytics is to make them a one-stop shop for automation, diagnostics, and continuous improvement.”

For more information on RRAMAC’s distributors and how to become a distributor, click here or contact us via email at info@rramac.com.

About In-Position Technologies:

In founding In-Position Technologies, Neil Jacques wanted to create a one of a kind automation distribution center that treats people with respect and delivers excellence in every aspect of its operation. Our experienced staffs of highly trained account managers, applications engineers, and customer service representatives are here to serve local markets in Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. To learn more about In-Position Technologies, visit their website at iptech1.com.