cyber security distributorRRAMAC Connected Systems has introduced a new partnership with Summit Industries, Inc. This partnership will combine RRAMAC’s turnkey remote monitoring and IoT-based solutions for predictive maintenance and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with Summit Industries’ cyber security and automation control products and expertise.

“Summit Industries has been in the automation business for 50-years, but unlike many distributors, they have a strong focus on leveraging cyber security and IoT which aligns seamlessly with the EdgeScout by RRAMAC solution,” said Tom Craven, Vice President of Product Strategy for RRAMAC Connected Systems. “Software solutions for efficiency, predictive maintenance, and even machine learning have been around for many years, but few end users and even fewer OEMs have the time and money required to implement, maintain, and optimize these solutions in house. RRAMAC is pleased to partner with Summit Industries to provide secure IoT platforms that help customers increase productivity with measurable ROI.”

The introduction of Summit Industries further strengthens RRAMAC’s commitment to bringing IoT based solutions to companies of all sizes across varying industries with the goal of producing quantifiable results that enhance OEE and provide cost savings.

“Summit is excited to be able to team up with RRMAC to offer data analytics and secure cloud storage,” said Ken Detmer, President of Summit Industries. “Our customers work to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their equipment and processes each and every day. Collecting and securely storing data and providing real time information via dashboard analytics can be difficult for small, medium, and even large companies to decipher and ultimately implement. RRAMAC has a long successful history of solving just these problems. We believe Summit’s customers will benefit from this new partnership with RRAMAC.”

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About Summit Industries, Inc.:

Since 1969, Summit Industries has been fully committed to its customer needs accomplishes through the Automation & Control division, the Parker Balston division, and the Military Sales division. Summit supports OEMs, industrial users and military depots throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Summit’s niche approach to each market coupled with a value added emphasis in assembly and/or technical support provide the basis for Summit’s customer service. To learn more about Summit Industries, Inc., visit their website at