A general rule of thumb for optimal grain management is to accurately monitor the temperature trend of your grain to determine if it is healthy or unhealthy. The safe storage of grain with advanced technology tools can ensure that there is a higher market return. EdgeScout by RRAMAC’s wireless grain management solutions can boost profits and create peace of mind by providing reliable, real-time grain bin and storage facility data to protect and cost-effectively manage your investment.

Read on for the top 5 reasons you should consider a wireless grain management solution to minimize losses and maximize crop potential


EdgeScout by RRAMAC allows users to quickly create dashboards and email and text alerts with an intuitive web interface. The health of your grain can be captured and stored within minutes and viewed on securely dedicated web pages or a secure smartphone app anytime, anywhere.


Knowing the temperature of your grain in real-time informs when to turn on/off fans to prevent over-aeration as this results in grain shrinkage and financial loss. Grain temperature data helps you use grain bin dryers efficiently to save energy and money. EdgeScout’s wireless grain solutions also save managers time by eliminating travel and manual collection of data from multiple grain storage sites.


Whether you’re a farmer with changing needs, or the grain manager of a local elevator, EdgeScout can remove grain storage guesswork. RRAMAC engineers customize and align data collection with grain monitoring systems. From simple tank levels or bin temperatures to condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, downtime analysis and energy usage, EdgeScout allows for numerous configurations across multiple storage sites and is scalable for more complex grain management needs.


Remote monitoring does not have to cost an arm and a leg. RRAMAC goes to great lengths to protect your current technology investments. EdgeScout can be implemented on a broad range of control systems, sensors and data collection devices to configure valuable data from your existing equipment.


The only way to avoid injury in a grain bin or at a storage site is to stay out. EdgeScout’s wireless connectivity eliminates the need for manual inspection and collection of data from sensors. Data from existing equipment can be integrated, allowing managers to remotely control humidity, aeration and temperature from a desktop or mobile device to maximize energy usage while protecting personnel.

Grain management has many risks like market and weather conditions, but with EdgeScout by RRAMAC, contr olling the quality and profit potential of your stored grain assets is no longer one of them. RRAMAC is committed to supporting the advancement of grain production and management at your facility and storage sites. For more information regarding EdgeScout’s wireless grain management solutions and how to minimize losses while maximizing crop potential, contact us at info@rramac.com.