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Web & Mobile Apps

Web & Mobile Apps Overview

RRAMAC delivers integrated web hosted solutions that feature company logos, fonts and color schemes for completely customized branding. HTML5 content is compatible with web browsers on desktop displays, smart phones and tablets. RRAMAC’s mobile app offers real-time monitoring and alerts allowing customers to make proactive decisions.

Improve Functionality

  • Diagnose common failure modes
  • Reveal common user errors of misuse
  • Make it easy for customers to tell you what they like and what they don’t

Manage Production

  • See how many units you produced today
  • Figure total energy cost, raw materials, revenue, etc.
  • See downtime drill downs by product type, site, climate…
  • Manage maintenance schedules
  • Dollarize – calculate your ROI and promote it!

Enhance User Experience

  • No phone calls to explain issues to subject matter experts
  • No manual data entry into ERP, MMS, MES, etc.
  • No manual order entry – anticipate needs
  • No need to go to source of the problem to troubleshoot, analyze issues with data at your fingertips.